ESCAPE LINE  What we do    

ESCAPE LINE  What we do    


The purpose of the charity Escapeline, can be separated into two specific and equally important areas in trying to address and help to deal with the increasing problem of child exploitation. 

 Firstly, there is a need to increase the awareness of the general population, so as parents, extended family, friends, neighbours or anyone else having regular contact with children, can assist to identify the signs that a child may be at risk.   Taking this education a step further, local schools and colleges, general practitioners, social services and the police are among those professionals that are likely to come into contact with the victims, or those at risk and one way or another, they will have to deal with the impact of exploitation. This education is also expanded to students who are training to be teachers, nurses, doctors and social workers. The organisation Escapeline will seek to increase awareness and to educate these professionals and trainees, by delivering talks and programmes that will not only equip them to deal with the problem more efficiently, but also to encourage a much needed joined up approach, so that together the most vulnerable children and young people can be prevented from entering this lifestyle, or to take positive action to help those that have become victims.  Escapeline are also setting up local groups for parents whose child or children are being exploited by gangs. Through these local support groups, parents will be setting up youth clubs or sports clubs, to encourage young people to get involved in positive activities, think about future employment and divert young people away from crime and dangerous situations If you're interested and would like to help, please contact us  

Support & Encourage  To support and help young people to understand exactly what sexual and criminal exploitation is and to provide advice and support to keep themselves safe, Escapeline run workshops within schools and colleges for young people. 

It is clear that the problem is growing and we as a society are playing catch up in trying to deal with the issue and more importantly help those who have become trapped or are at risk of becoming involved with people, or gangs who will exploit them criminally or sexually. 
The other area that Escapeline will seek to help is by having direct involvement with victims to provide much needed support, advice and where necessary a route to counselling services. Support workers will be trained to work directly with the young people, to support them through the difficulties of their experience and helping the young people identify that they are being sexually or criminally exploited.  
The use of support workers will aim to address and deal positively with the problem in order to break the cycle of victimisation and to attempt to have a positive impact on the child’s life with a view to help them to re-build and to look forward without fear. 


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