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What is child exploitation and how does it operate in rural and provincial areas? What are the methods used to groom children? What are the signs a child is being groomed or exploited? How can we reach out to a child at risk? How can we support parents and carers of exploited children?

Our training is packed full of information and strategies and has been developed both by professionals, those who have worked on the front line of child exploitation and by experts-by-experience.


"Hard-hitting but very informative presentation. Outstanding."
"I went home that day and I felt safer."
"We are now aware one of our students is associating with a known perpetrator and have put an intervention in place to prevent them getting further involved."
"The parenting session was great and generated lots of discussion. Parents were open with each other about their concerns for their children and what they can do to keep them safe."
"The feedback from children was overwhelmingly positive. They could identify something they had learnt and they all had some good tips on how to stay safe."
"Thank you so much for your visit. It has really helped empower the children."
"Very informative. Excellent trainer. All professionals working with young people should attend this training."
"After you taught us about county lines I feel a lot safer. I am now more cautious about talking to people older than me."

Our Support

Because exploitation isolates young people and their families from their communities and existing support networks, we support them with well-informed, non-judgemental advice and advocacy.

Raising Awareness

We provide knowledge, information and strategies to show how exploitation operates in rural and provincial communities, the signs to look out for and what to do if you suspect criminals are operating where you live or work. We share resources at community events, on social media and in schools.

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